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Noralite Co., Ltd. was created to provide lighting products that makes DIFFERENCE, The company gathered elites who are
in manufacturing control, product development and sales, we are using same language to communicate product, quality, and service.
The company size including production is around 120 people started manufacturing from 2014, occupied 6,000 sqms for tooling, 
assembly, warehouse and office. Our product marketing is mainly oriented in North America and Europe, as the basic requirements, all 
our products comply with updated standards and certified by accredited certification bodies. In the sales network, for fast service and 
business support, we also set up warehouses in USA, please contact email at: sales@noralite.com for information if needed.

Our quality target is 3,000 dppm, and currently 5,000 dppm, there are some way to go and strive.
We will constantly improve and adopt new technologies that makes our products more competitive,  


Why choose Noralite:

• The unique products design and high standard manufacturing management and facilities. 
• All products comply with both safety and performance standards.

• High cost performance.

• Systmatic business service, OEM/ODM management, quality control, shipment management. 

Noralite advocates innovation on business model and product development, and open for various cooperation!

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